Supervisor Spotlight - June 2021

Flight Services and Systems (FSS) strongly believes that our supervisors make the difference every day, especially when it comes to aviation security and safety. Below are the supervisors who make the difference:

Juan Soto – DFW Ramp Supervisor

Juan Soto is our Ramp Supervisor at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). In his over 10 years with FSS, he has done a fantastic job overseeing our ramp operations with Volaris and Avianca. Juan also keeps his agents informed of safety and security-related topics. We are proud of Juan and his many years of service with FSS.

Chitwan Kaur – SEA Security Supervisor

Under Security Supervisor Chitwan Kaur’s guidance, our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) location had two employees, Joshua Vanderhoven and Emily Reynolds, receive WOW! Awards for their observation in aviation security. Joshua and Emily are new to FSS and it’s great to see them following Chitwan’s lead and example.

Alberto Vasquez – SAT Ramp Supervisor

After completing his training, San Antonio International Airport Ramp Supervisor Alberto Vasquez made sure that Ramp Agent Michael Sloan understood his responsibilities. Alberto also made sure Michael knew what to look for and what to do when he found a suspicious item or person. Because of the reinforcement, Michael was able to pass a TSA challenge recently.

Shaunah Corcoran – BOS Terminal C Supervisor

Shaunah Corcoran is our Overnight Supervisor in Terminal C at Boston Logan International Airport. She ensures that the next Supervisor or Dispatch is briefed on the morning operations and that the gates have wheelchairs set up for upcoming flights. Shaunah jumps in wherever needed and always makes sure our employees look and act professional.

Aviation security and safety are part of the pillars of the FSS difference. We are proud of our supervisors who set the example, share knowledge, and help strengthen our teams. The FSS Supervisors across our company clearly make the difference every day.

National Safety Month - The "Dirty Dozen" of Aviation Safety

Flight Services and Systems (FSS) takes aviation safety very seriously. In celebration of National Safety Month, we're sharing the "Dirty Dozen" of human factors that can affect aviation safety.

1. Lack of Communication: "Only 30% of verbal communication is received and understood by either side in a conversation." Ensure confirmation, repeat back what was said, and don't be afraid to ask again.

2. Complacency: This is the "overconfidence from repeated experience performing a task."

3. Lack of Knowledge: If something is not understood, ask your supervisor or manager to help you better understand.

4. Distractions: They are the #1 cause of forgetting information, ensure full attention is given well on the ramp.

5. Lack of Teamwork: After your team discusses how to perform a task, ensure everyone understands and agrees. Trust each other and set assigned task to ensure everyone know what they should be doing.

6. Fatigue: Watch for symptoms in yourself and others. Have others double check your work if needed.

7. Lack of Resources: Contact station or corporate management with any needs - before it is too late!

8: Pressure: Errors can be caused by real or perceived forces. 

9. Lack of Assertiveness: Express concerns but offer positive solutions. Anyone should feel able to "speak up."

10. Stress: Take a rational and procedural approach to solving problems. Find a good stress reliever/outlet.

11. Lack of Awareness: The "failure to recognize a situation, understand what it is, and predict the possible results."

12. Norms: Identify and eliminate negative norms (expected, yet unwritten, rules of behavior).

FSS works tirelessly to ensure all our employees receive the proper training and receive regular communications to keep aviation safety at the top of their minds.

May's WOW! Award Winners

A Flight Services & System (FSS) employee receives a WOW! Award for their outstanding achievement in customer service, honest, integrity, and goodwill. General and Operations Managers nominate employees based on actions they witness or are notified of by TSA and other airport and airline management. Depending on their actions, recipients receive a certificate, recognition on social media, a spotlight in our bi-monthly Flight Plan newsletter, and a $25 gift card. Below are the WOW! Award winners in May:


During a Frontier Airlines flight, San Antonio International Airport (SAT) Ramp Agent Michael Sloan was working in the bag room. He noticed that a TSI agent was walking around the bag room with their badge tucked in their vest. Michael stopped the agent and asked to see their badge. In doing so, he passed the test. Congrats, Michael!

SAT Customer Service Lead Christina Salazar was in the middle of boarding when she noticed a TSI agent trying to walk side-by-side a passenger. She stopped the agent and pulled them aside. Because of her quick thinking and training, Christina passed the test. She was also recognized last year for her actions which you can read by clicking here. Congrats, Christina!

Portland International Jetport (PWM) Ramp Agent Trevor Jordan successfully passed a TSI challenge. During a flight, he noticed a TSI agent walking around without their badge properly displayed. Trevor stopped them and asked to see their badge. The TSI agent congratulated Trevor and informed General Manager Kristean Jacobs that he had passed. Congrats, Trevor!

TSA agents tried to enter an aircraft without badges from above and below wing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Newly hired Security Agents Emily Reynolds and Joshua Vanderhoven stopped the agents and asked to see their badges. Emily and Joshua’s actions were reported to General Manager Zach Cox who was beyond proud of his newest employees. Congrats, Emily and Joshua!


General Manager Kristean Jacobs and Mobility Assistance Agent Lynn Walker both received compliments from passengers. Kristean had helped a travel-weary family after their stroller was misplaced. Seeing that the family was exhausted from their flight, Kristean wrote down their contact information and got started on their claim. Once she had the claim number, Kristean sent a text to the passengers and followed up the next morning. The stroller was found, and the family was so impressed with Kristean, they emailed Southwest Airlines to let them know. Terrific job, Kristean!

Seeing some passengers confused and lost, Lynn jumped into action. One of the passengers had a mobility issue and gladly took the wheelchair that Lynn offered. She helped guide the passengers through check-in, TSA, and to their gate. She then returned to make sure that the passengers boarded their plane without any difficulty. According to the passengers, “Lynn saved the day!”. Awesome job, Lynn!


Congratulations to Roberto O’Hara of San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and Ryan Spinda of Huntington Tri-State Airport (HTS)! They recently passed five consecutive cabin search tests at their respective airports. SAT General Manager Zach Jackson and HTS Operations Manager Cynthia O’Brien were notified of their achievements by the Director of Aviation Security, Hovav Frenkel.


Indianapolis International Airport (IND) Operations Manager Hugh Dennis presented Customer Service Agent Royann Clark a WOW! Award. Royann had received 5 kudos from Alaska Airlines passengers on her outstanding customer service…within 3 days! Congrats, Royann, and keep up the great job!

Hydration Stations Arrive at FSS Location

To help beat the upcoming summer heat, Flight Services & Systems recently purchased several
hydration stations for multiple locations. Under the guidance of Training Manager Matthew Allen, these stations will help keep ramp agents hydrated and avoid heatstroke. Each hydration station came with a utility cart, disposable cups, trash bin, and 5-gallon water cooler. Locations that received a hydration station are:

  • Charleston International Airport (CHS)
  • Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT)
  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)
  • Indianapolis International Airport (IND)
  • Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)
  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY)
  • Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)
  • Portland International Jetport (PWM)
  • San Antonio International Airport (SAT)

IND Team Receives "A+" from Alaska Airlines

Flight Services & Systems is proud to announce that our Indianapolis International Airport (IND) team received an “A+” on their Alaska Airlines scorecard for April.

Under the leadership of Operations Manager Hugh Dennis and Training Manager Matthew Allen, IND received high marks in multiple categories such as safety, quality, and staffing. Departure Coordinator Kayla Oliphant and Customer Service Agent Deanna Goodwin also helped the cause. Kayla recently received Alaska Airlines’ SOAR Award for her actions on a March 2nd flight that involved dangerous goods. For leaving passengers with positive impressions, Deanna received Alaska Airlines’ 2020 Beyond Service Top 1% Award. You can read more about Kayla and Deanna’s stories by clicking here.

Congratulations to Hugh, Matthew, and the entire IND team!

FSS Welcomes Patricia Pantaleon and Hugh Dennis Aboard

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) welcomes Patricia Pantaleon and Hugh Dennis to the FSS family. Patricia is the new General Manager at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and Hugh is the Operations Manager at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). 

Patricia Pantaleon
ORD General Manager
Patricia brings over 15 years of aviation industry experience to FSS. She started her aviation career in 2006 as a General Manager for G2 Secured Staff at ORD. While at G2 Secured Staff, Patricia was responsible for the overall daily operation implementing procedures, protocols, and TSA regulations. She also conducted initial training for new hires and private Charter Security Screening training.

She left G2 Secured Staff to become the Human Resources Administrator for United Airlines at ORD. Later, while at United Airlines, she would take over as the Business Office Supervisor. In that position, Patricia provided administrative services to internal customers, front-line customers, and Hub leadership. One of the services was daily KPI reports on incidents and accidents. She also motivated her co-workers through workshops and training to enhance their customer services skills.

With her extensive knowledge of customer service and training, we are excited to have Patricia on board and leading our ORD crew. Patricia has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Robert Morris College. Welcome aboard, Patricia!

Hugh Dennis
IND Operations Manager
Hugh comes to FSS with a wealth of leadership and management knowledge and skills. Before coming to FSS, he was a District Sales Manager where he guided customer satisfaction through training and communicating clear expectations and goals. He also provided feedback to employees and led by example. During his time at Global Travel Incorporated, Hugh developed relationships with airlines through regular communication and exceptional customer service.

With his over 10 years of training and development experience along with his customer relationship management skills, we are excited to have Hugh on board and leading our IND crew. Welcome aboard, Hugh!

FSS Milestone Anniversaries - May 2021

FSS would like to recognize and say "thank you" to our employees who have been with us throughout the years. Celebrating milestone anniversaries in May are: 

15+ Years

  • Jeannie Johnson - FAT - 16 Years
  • Phil Armstrong - COO/CCO - 15 Years

10+ Years

  • Suzana Gjeci - BOS - 14 Years
  • Elmira Akhmedova - SEA - 14 Years
  • Ammar Belbezouh - BOS - 13 Years
  • Ali Rdif - BOS - 11 Years
  • Robert A. Weitzel Sr. - CEO/President - 10 Years
  • Mehari Tesfagergish - SEA - 10 Years

5+ Years

  • Sonnia Rodriguez - BOS - 9 Years
  • Albert Malo - BOS - 8 Years
  • Abdelilah Yakine - BOS - 8 Years
  • Stephen Meserve - PWM - 8 Years
  • Olga Gorodilova - SEA - 8 Years
  • David Fyler - BOS - 7 Years
  • Amina Jorti - BOS - 7 Years
  • Sathiyabama Rajan - SEA - 7 Years
  • Gashaw Asfaw - BOS - 6 Years
  • Sirak Belay - SEA - 6 Years
  • Saida Bassi - BOS - 5 Years
  • El Mustapha Lemghari - BOS - 5 Years
  • Roba Qoricho - BOS - 5 Years
  • Kelton King - DFW - 5 Years