FSS Expands Operations to GSP

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) is excited to announce the expansion of our operations. Starting on March 11th, we will begin operations for Silver Airways at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP). GSP is a new location for FSS. With our management team at Charleston International Airport (CHS) close by, as well as Southeast Regional Manager Evian Medrano’s leadership, we are expecting this to be a smooth operation.

With the addition of GSP, Flight Services & Systems will be operating in 17 airports in 11 states to kick off the 2021 season.  

February's WOW! Award Winners

A WOW! Award is given to any FSS employee for their outstanding achievement in the following: Customer Service, Honesty, Integrity, and Good Will. Award submissions are performed by the General Manager and details of the act for which the award is being presented. Recipients of the WOW! Award receive a certificate, recognition on our social media, a spotlight in our bi-monthly Flight Plan newsletter, and a $25 gift card. WOW! Award winners for February are:


Anthony Vazquez (JAX)

Anthony is a ramp agent at our Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) location. He was awarded a WOW! Award for stopping a TSA agent during a Silver Airways flight. The TSA regularly tests our employees for aircraft safety and security purposes. Congratulations, Anthony!

Kenneth Edwards (PBI)

Kenneth is based out of our Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) location as a ramp agent. He also stopped a TSA agent and passed a security test performed by the TSA. This happened during a Bahamas Air flight. Kenneth was also recognized by PBI in December for winning the Airport Security Challenge. Congratulations, Kenneth!

Julian Footman (SAT)

Julian is from our San Antonio International Airport (SAT) location and works as a ramp agent. During a recent Frontier Airlines flight, Julian challenged two TSA agents and in doing so, passed their test. TSA congratulated Julian and informed General Manager Zach Jackson of the details. Congratulations, Julian!

Richard Bernard (PBI)

Richard works at our Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) locations as a ramp agent. He took it upon himself to ensure our supply carts were cleaned up and maintained for longevity and simplicity during inventory. General Manager Evian Medrano was so impressed with Richard that she awarded him a WOW! Award. Richard has also been named as the station’s trainer. Congratulations, Richard!

Employee Announcements - February 2021

Jimmy Dillard

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) would like to announce that Jimmy Dillard has been named the new General Manager for our Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) location. He has held the same position previously at two of our other locations; San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and Charleston International Airport (CHS) where he ran successful operations. Recently, Jimmy worked in our corporate headquarters as our Training Manager and oversaw all our training procedures and efforts. Jimmy proudly served in the Air Force where he honed this administrative and management skills. Congratulations, Jimmy!

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen has taken over as Training Manager. He was most recently our General Manager at Indianapolis International Airport (IND) where he continued to set high marks on our Alaska Airlines’ scorecard. Matthew’s deep knowledge of the aviation industry, both learned the classroom and real-life setting, will be a key asset for FSS and the Training Department. Matthew has his Associates in Aeronautics and Professional Piloting from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he is also working towards his Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics. Congratulations, Matthew!

February's Employee Spotlight: Madeline Lima

Madeline Lima
PBI Ticket Counter Supervisor

Flight Services & Systems (FSS), along with General Manager Evian Medrano, is celebrating Madeline Lima as our Employee Spotlight for February. Madeline is one of our supervisors at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) and watches over the Frontier Airlines ticket counter. Evian has been an instrumental part of our recent startups and is often away at the various airports. During her time away, Madeline has stepped up, taken on more of a leadership role, and has become someone that her co-workers can look to for guidance. She has helped ensure the smooth operation of PBI and has been a “go-to” person for Evian. Thank you, Madeline, for all your hard work and continued leadership. 

FSS Milestone Anniversaries - February 2021

FSS would like to recognize and say "thank you" to our employees who have been with us throughout the years. Celebrating milestone anniversaries in February are: 

15+ Years

  • Kwok Cheung (BOS) - 17 Years
  • Piro Andrea (BOS) - 15 Years
  • Jorland Plasari (BOS) - 15 Years

10+ Years

  • Aura Mino (DFW) - 13 Years
  • Patrick King (BOS) - 11 Years
  • Waleed Razooq (BOS) - 10 Years
  • Eric Ewing (FAT) - 10 Years

5+ Years

  • Mulaw Kebede (BOS) - 9 Years
  • Mulubirhan Meles (BOS) - 9 Years
  • Luis Garcia (DFW) - 9 Years
  • Adrian Grant (CHS) - 8 Years
  • Angelia Love (DFW) - 8 Years
  • Long Lee (FAT) - 8 Years
  • Younes Lamtouni (BOS) - 7 Years
  • Madeline Lima (PBI) - 5 Years