New Electrostatic Disinfecting and Virus Elimination Service

Our Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting Device

Flight Services & Systems understands that you want to help protect your passengers as well as your employees against the coronavirus. We recently rolled out our new service, an electrostatic disinfecting and virus eliminating service. The benefits to electrostatic disinfecting are:

  • Touchless application
  • Reduce cross-contamination
  • Liquid adhesion and coverage
  • Electrostatic wrapping
  • Eco-friend
  • Up to 5-minute dry time (depending on application)
  • $75 per cleaning for narrow-body airplanes
  • $100 per cleaning for wide-body airplanes

For more information, please contact your local FSS General Manager or Nick Poorbaugh at or call him at 216.217.2330.