FSS Employee Notices Bird Strike at CHS

Photo of the Bird Strike

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) would like to recognize Supervisor Phileo Hilton at Charleston International Airport (CHS). During an in-bound Remain Over Night (RON), while conducting his walk around at night, Phileo found a bird strike on the R2 door.

Phileo notified General Manager Jimmy Dillard who then notified JetBlue and captain for maintenance to look at the aircraft. FSS, as well General Manager Dillard, are proud of Phileo for noticing the bird strike and following procedures. Thank you, Phileo!

FSS Virtual-Reality Security Training

For the last few months, the Flight Services & Systems’ (FSS) Aviation Security and Training departments have been creating an aviation security virtual-reality (VR) modules. The modules use 3-D models of real-life elements in a virtual space. The modules will be an aviation industry first.

The program will show trainees exactly what improvised explosive devices (IEDs), their structure, components, and concealments look like. Trainees will also be able to interact with the IEDs. Various IEDs have been developed and incorporated into the training modules. The modules include the aircraft cabin and its elements (seats, overhead bins, lavatory, galley, crew rest area, and more) as well as catering trucks and equipment.

To enhance the trainees’ learning experience, all VR modules will include voice narration, using text-to-speech (TTS) technology. During training sessions, along with reading embedded written explanations and definitions, trainees will be prompted to active voice narration. The modules are being developed to work on a traditional computer/tablet or VR headset.

For an example of what trainees will see, check out our demo below!

FSS Employee Spotlight - George Nikolouzos

CEO and President Robert A. Weitzel, Sr
outside of the MSY GSE shop with
VP of Operations and General Manager
at BOS George Nikolouzos

Flight Services & Systems would like to recognize Vice President of Operations and Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) General Manager George Nikolouzos. George has spent the last few weeks at our Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) location. While there, he has been working closely with new General Manager Ryan O’Doherty in preparation of our GSE shop.

According to George, while they were getting the GSE shop cleaned and organized, they went through 8 dumpsters! Along with cleaning out the shop, George, Ryan, and the rest of the MSY team applied a fresh coat of paint to the building, refurbished our GSE, and spruced up the lawn. The difference has been night and day.

To thank George for his hard work and leadership, some of the corporate team flew down to surprise him and presented him a WOW! Award.

PWM Employee Passes TSA Challenges

Thomas Mitchell
PWM Ramp Agent for Sun Country Airlines

Flight Services & Systems would like to recognize Ramp Agent Thomas Mitchell at Portland International Jetport. Last week, Thomas was part of two Transportation Security Administration (TSA) challenges. One of the challenges was an access control and the other was for badging. Thomas properly challenged the inspector and stopped him from gaining access to a Sun Country Airlines flight.

Because of his actions, Thomas was awarded a WOW! Award which recognizes employees for their hard work. General Manager Kristean Jacobs and the entire FSS team is proud of Thomas.

New Electrostatic Disinfecting and Virus Elimination Service

Our Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting Device

Flight Services & Systems understands that you want to help protect your passengers as well as your employees against the coronavirus. We recently rolled out our new service, an electrostatic disinfecting and virus eliminating service. The benefits to electrostatic disinfecting are:

  • Touchless application
  • Reduce cross-contamination
  • Liquid adhesion and coverage
  • Electrostatic wrapping
  • Eco-friend
  • Up to 5-minute dry time (depending on application)
  • $75 per cleaning for narrow-body airplanes
  • $100 per cleaning for wide-body airplanes

For more information, please contact your local FSS General Manager or Nick Poorbaugh at npoorbaugh@fsspeople.com or call him at 216.217.2330.

GSE Shop Open House at MSY - Follow-Up

The FSS GSE Shop at Louis Armstrong
New Orleans International Airport
Flight Services & Systems (FSS) recently held an Open House for our GSE shop at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY). Guests were introduced to Ryan O’Doherty who recently took over as General Manager for MSY. They also met Vice President of Operations and Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) General Manager George Nikolouzos and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nick Poorbaugh as well as the rest of the MSY team.

The Open House was an opportunity for our new friends and neighbors to see what our shop is capable of as well as see some of the services we can provide. Our GSE shop will be able to handle the repair and maintenance of:

  • Belt loaders
  • Bag tractors
  • Push tractors
  • GPUs
  • Lav/water
  • Airstarts
  • Container loaders

We’ll also have an on-call GSE repair service as well as painting and reconditioning. For our non-airline friends, we’ll be able to service industrial trucks, tractors, and other equipment like forklifts.