FSS Virtual-Reality Security Training

For the last few months, the Flight Services & Systems’ (FSS) Aviation Security and Training departments have been creating an aviation security virtual-reality (VR) modules. The modules use 3-D models of real-life elements in a virtual space. The modules will be an aviation industry first.

The program will show trainees exactly what improvised explosive devices (IEDs), their structure, components, and concealments look like. Trainees will also be able to interact with the IEDs. Various IEDs have been developed and incorporated into the training modules. The modules include the aircraft cabin and its elements (seats, overhead bins, lavatory, galley, crew rest area, and more) as well as catering trucks and equipment.

To enhance the trainees’ learning experience, all VR modules will include voice narration, using text-to-speech (TTS) technology. During training sessions, along with reading embedded written explanations and definitions, trainees will be prompted to active voice narration. The modules are being developed to work on a traditional computer/tablet or VR headset.

For an example of what trainees will see, check out our demo below!