MSY Welcomes Back British Airways

On December 9th, 2021, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) team was excited to welcome back British Airways. Operations had ceased about two years ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have recently restarted with three flights a day at MSY. Great job to our Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport team for successfully welcoming back British Airways! 


FSS Announces Winners for the Days of Service Without Incident Contest

Flight Services & Systems held a safety contest from June 1st, 2021, to December 3rd, 2021. During this contest, we monitored each station to see who had the longest streak for days of service without incident, injury, or TSA failure. These service days included days where there was a flight (above or below wing), wheelchair service, security service, and any day where FSS provided a service to our airport/airline partners. Three stations are being recognized with a cash prize for their work. 

We are proud to announce our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!

  • 1st place winning $3000 is Fresno Yosemite International Airport (Rhett Williams, GM) with 185 days incident-free.
  • 2nd place winning $2000 is Palm Beach International Airport (Tracy Doyle, GM) with 141 days incident-free.
  • 3rd place winning $1000 is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Zach Cox, GM) with 138 days incident-free.
The General Manager at each winning location has the decision on how the prize money will be used. We look forward to seeing how you celebrate with your station!

Thank you to all for making our Safety and Security a priority!

China Cargos at SEA

Our General Manager Zach Cox of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport received a call the other day from the China Cargos office in Los Angeles, California. The phone call was regarding an FAA audit on December 3rd, 2021, and one of our agents Lorenzo Lizama. China Cargos wanted to inform Zach that FSS passed everything they were looking for during the FAA audit. They also discussed how satisfied they were with the communication used regarding the WFS ground handling issue. 

December's WOW! Award Winners

A Flight Services & Systems (FSS) employee receives a WOW! Award for their outstanding achievement in customer service, honesty, integrity, and goodwill. A General Manager or Operations Manager can nominate employees based on the actions they witness or when they’re notified by the TSA and/or another airport and airline management. Depending on their actions, recipients receive a certificate, recognition on social media, a spotlight in our bi-monthly Flight Plan newsletter, and/or a $25 Walmart gift card. Below are the WOW! Award winners for December!

Patrick King (BOS) 

Patrick King of Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) was presented with a WOW! Award from general manager Olga Gudiel. Patrick has been showing outstanding customer service and was awarded for that. Keep up the great customer service Patrick King! 

Tarik Ayyad (BOS) 

Tarik Ayyad was presented with a WOW! Award from his general manager, Olga Gudiel. He is always showing compassion and professionalism when it comes to his work ethic. Tarik never complains and is always available when he is called upon. Congratulations, Tarik Ayyad! 

Driss Jbliou (BOS)

Driss Jbliou was awarded a Wow! Award from his general manager, Olga Gudiel. Driss is an exemplary employee at Boston International Airport (BOS). His work ethic and constant attention to detail are both very much appreciated. Great job, Driss Jbliou!

Louis Richardson, Safae Lahrik & Joseph Desilus (BOS) 

Louis Richardson (left), Safae Lahrik (middle), and Joseph Desilus (right) were all awarded with a WOW! Award from Olga Gudiel for their exceptional performances while working. 

Louis Richardson- Supervisor 

Safae Lahrik- Dispatcher

Joseph Desilus- Wheelchair Agent 

Great work to our FSS team at Boston Logan International Airport! 

Silver Airways at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)

The Flight Services & Systems (FSS) team at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is hard at work with Silver Airways. Operations with Silver Airways began at CAE one year ago on December 17th, 2020. There have been no complaints and the operation has been running great ever since. FSS is looking forward to another successful year with Silver Airways at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. 

Thanks for the photos, Anthony Vazquez! 




FSS Milestone Anniversaries - December 2021

FSS would like to recognize and say "thank you" to our employees who have been with us throughout the years. Celebrating milestone anniversaries in December are: 

15+ Years

  • Gene Lloyd (CHS) - 15 years

5+ Years

  • Sahle Namaga (BOS) - 9 years
  • Abdelghani El Fannane (BOS) - 6 years 
  • Said Halhali (BOS) - 6 years