FSS Seattle-Tacoma Team Receives Praise from Sun Country Airlines

We love hearing about how our teams are doing out in the field. We received work from Holly at Sun Country Airlines about how our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport team. Led by General Manager Brandi Ellison, our employees have been doing a fantastic job. Below is a snippet from the email that we received.

Just a note of thanks. It is uncommon that we experience the volume for assistance as we did today for flight SY285/286 and you guys rocked! All the passengers were pleased with the service and we couldn't have done it without your team at FSS.  One passenger in particular raved about her experience to the gate. She said of all the wheelchair agents she has ever had- Zac was the kindest agent she had ever dealt with. I had to agree with her. He always goes out of his way to accommodate any passenger, treating them like family and that means a lot to us as well as the passengers. THANK YOU Again!  

Fantastic job, Brandi, to you and your team!

Safety a Top Priority at SAT

Flight Systems & Services would like to recognize Christina Salazar. Christina works as the Customer Service Lead at San Antonio International Airport (SAT).

Last week, there was an issue with the jet bridge during a Sun Country Airlines flight. The jet bridge wasn’t lining up with the aircraft. Recognizing that this was a potential safety issue for passengers, Christina jumped into action and followed the proper procedures in stopping boarding and contacting her supervisor. Even though there was a slight delay, all the passengers were safely boarding.

By following procedures and taking action, Christina was able to prevent a dangerous situation from becoming a disastrous outcome. Thank you, Christina, and keep up the good work!

Welcome Aboard, Cody Jackson

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) is thrilled to announce that Cody Jackson will be taking over for Jimmy Dillard as General Manager for Charleston International Airport (CHS). Jimmy will be our new Training Manager at our corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cody comes to FSS with 8 years of aviation industry experience. He started his aviation career as a Ramp Supervisor for Jetstream Ground Services that handled American Airlines in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While at Worldwide Flight Services, Cody worked as a Ramp Agent Supervisor for JetBlue Airways, Air Canada, and Allegiant Air. While with Trego-Dugan Aviation, Cody held several management positions at multiple stations, including CHS. During his time at Trego-Dugan Aviation, Cody maintained relationships with Frontier Airlines, WOW Air, Condor Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Air, and Vacation Express while developing his managerial skills. Cody is detail-oriented especially with audits, following procedures, and daily reports.

With Cody’s attention to detail and exceptional communication skills, we’re expecting the transition at CHS will be a smooth one. We are looking forward to having Cody as part of the FSS team.

FSS Employee Goes Above and Beyond at SEA

Flight Services & Systems is recognizing Agent Mahabir Khanal. Mahabir works out of our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport station at the North Satellite terminal. On a recent Alaska Airlines flight, one of the flight attendants noticed Mahabir’s positive attitude while helping passengers. According to the flight attendant, Mahabir was going above and beyond to be positive and keeping passengers safe and happy. The flight attendant was so blown away by what Mahabir was doing, they let Alaska Airlines management know.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many passengers have had concerns about social distancing and safety. It’s employees like Mahabir who are a great comfort to them by having a positive attitude. Thank you, Mahabir, and keep up the good work!

Welcome Aboard, Holly Egan

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) is excited to announce that Holly Egan will be taking over for George Nikolouzos as General Manager for Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). George will expand his role as Vice President of Operations for FSS.

Holly comes to FSS after spending 13 years with JetBlue Airways as a Zone Coordinator at BOS. While at JetBlue, Holly’s duties included coordinating daily operations, tracking fleet launches, and training new Operations Crew Members. She also communicated with all departments, including management and ramp teams, within Boston local. Holly worked closely with business partners, including FSS, and System Operations Coordinators and Planners.

We are looking forward to having Holly as part of the FSS team.

Holly is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where she studied Aerospace Studies.

FSS Employee Stands Guard at BOS

Flight Services & Systems would like to recognize Devonte Wilkins. Devonte is a supervisor at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) for Signature Flight Support. A pilot who had forgotten their credentials attempted to board an airplane. Since this is a violation and a security issue, Devonte prevented the pilot from boarding and instructed him to return with his credentials. 

It’s watchful eyes and following procedures like Devonte did that are the best security measures. Thank you, Devonte, and keep up the great job!

FSS Employee Spotlight: Christina Salazar

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) and General Manager Zach Jackson would like to recognize Christina Salazar. Christina is the Customer Service Lead at our San Antonio International Airport (SAT) location. She is trained and manages both Frontier Airlines and Sun Country Airlines. She does an excellent job in not only leading, but Christina also teaches and trains her staff each flight every day.

The reason Christina is being recognized is for her actions on August 17th. While serving as GSC for the Sun Country operations, Christina denied boarding to a passenger that likely, if boarded, could have resulted in a safety issue inflight. The Sun Country Regional, along with General Manager Zach Jackson, praised Christina for her actions. Well done, Christina!

Christina is pictured alongside General Manager Zach Jackson.

FSS Employee Recognized by MASSPORT at BOS

Vice President of Operations and Boston Logan International Airport General Manager George Nikolouzos would like to spotlight Ramp Agent Joshua Burrell Thomas. Joshua is a Ramp Agent for Silver Airways.

Recently, George received a compliment from Massachusetts Port Authority, or MASSPORT, about Joshua. According to the compliment, MASSPORT has witnessed Joshua conduct his FOD walks before, during, and after each flight. He’s extremely cautious while driving the GSE equipment on the ramp and always wears his seatbelt. MASSPORT says that Joshua is always smiling and asking questions about anything pertaining to ramp operations to MASSPORT.

Joshua has also been witnessed sweeping the bag room for any bags that are for the FSS operations. He actually takes the time to read each bag tag that is in the drop off location from other carriers.

From everyone at Corporate, Boston Logan, and MASSPORT, thank you, Joshua!

Watchful Eyes at PWM

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) would like to recognize Kyle Lineham. On Sunday, August 2nd, Kyle was performing an inspection of a flight when he found damage on the aircraft. He followed the proper notification procedures and let his supervisor know about the damage.

While our employees are always keeping a watchful eye out, stories like Kyle’s only help reinforce our message of vigilance and following procedure. Employees like Kyle make the difference for FSS. Kyle was awarded a WOW! Award for his efforts. Thank you, Kyle!


Kyle was also recognized earlier this week for his actions during a TSA test. For the full story, please click here.

FSS Employee Passes TSA Test at PWM

Kyle Lineham - PWM Ramp Supervisor
Flight Services & Systems has awarded a WOW! Award to Portland International Jetport Ramp Supervisor Kyle Lineham. Our crew was in the process of having their yearly Southwest Airlines Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security test of the ramp. During the test, Kyle intercepted the TSA agent and challenged them. In doing so, Kyle passed the test.

A WOW! Award is awarded to an individual who follows all procedures and goes above and beyond the call of duty. On behalf of General Manager Kristean Jacobs, congratulations to Kyle!