PWM Team Wins Southwest Airlines Award

General Manager Kristen Jacobs and her PWM team

On March 11th, 2020, General Manager Kristean Jacobs and her team won an award from Southwest Airlines. The award was for Small Market Vendor of the Year for Aircraft Appearance for 2019. This is the second year in a row that our team has won this award. Flight Services & Systems is extremely proud of the Portland International Jetport team and their continued efforts in providing great customer care.

FSS’ Aggressive Approach to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Flight Services & Systems is taking preventative steps against the coronavirus. Our employees are wiping down and sanitizing all wheelchairs and baggage carts as part of the daily reconciliation and staging process.

Preventative Steps

We’re also making sure our employees are taking preventative steps to protect themselves. Our general managers are reminding them daily to:
  • Keep surfaces clean at all times
  • Be mindful of any contract with sick people
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching the face
  • Covering the mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not the hands) when coughing or sneezing
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Do not wear a mask (this is actually more detrimental than good because makes are usually not worn correctly causing for constant readjustment and touching of the face)

DFW Employee Recognized by Japan Airlines

FSS Employee Cynthia Martin receiving
her plaque from Japan Airlines DFW
Station Manager Masakazu Douglas
On February 20th, FSS employee Cynthia Martin performed a security search on a Japan Airlines flight. During the search at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Cynthia found a TSA test item. Because of her actions, she received a plaque from Japan Airlines during their safety promotion meeting on February 26th.  Great job, Cynthia!

SEA Team Aces TSA Inspections

SEA General Manager Mimi Seretse

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continues to ramp up its efforts as we get closer to the summer months. Our team at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport recently passed multiple inspections from TSA. The inspections took place on Eva Air and Cathay Pacific Airways flights.

General Manager Mimi Seretse, Hassan Ali, and Adan Ali were the team members that handled the inspection by TSA Officer Phillip Hammond. Our team checked for identification and badges as part of the inspections. Our catering side was also inspected as well. According to Seretse, Officer Hammond was pleased and thanked the team for being on point. This is a great example of what we mean when we say people make the difference. Great job to Mimi and her Seattle-Tacoma team!

BOS Team Passes TSA's Tests

BOS General Manager & Northeast Regional
Director of Operations George Nikolouzos
As flights start to ramp up with the warmer weather, so do the efforts by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Within the last few weeks, the TSA has been inspecting and testing various airlines for security threats. Our FSS team at Logan International Airport has done an amazing job thwarting the TSA’s attempts. Last week, our aircraft guards passed their TSA inspections for Qatar Airways. In one case, the TSA placed a fake gun inside a catering truck. One of our guards found it. In the second case, the TSA broke the seals on a catering truck. Again, one of our guards found the broken seal and reported it.

Over the weekend at Boston, another FSS employee, Angie, stopped TSA agents from boarding a Viva Air flight. The agents tried getting in line with the passengers and sneak on. Angie stopped them from getting onto the jet bridge while scanning passengers’ boarding passes.

Flight Services & Systems would like to thank the Boston team for their continuing efforts and being mindful of their surroundings.

FSS Employee Passes TSA Test

On February 17th, FSS employee Rashel Quezada performed a security search on a Viva Air Columbia flight. During the search at Logan International Airport, Rashel found a fake gun that was planted by the TSA. As the TSA regularly performs these tests, our employees are mindful, alert, and well-trained on what to look for. Great job, Rashel!

Eagle Eyes at DFW

Flight Services & Systems would like to thank Taloria Parker, a security officer at DFW. Taloria passed a TSA test that involved broken seals. Upon noticing the broken seal, she informed management and verified the seal was broken. The TSA inspector noted that Taloria did exactly what she was supposed to and she passed the test. Congratulations to Taloria!

FSS Employee Finds Pocketknife at ORD

FSS Employee Nisan Shamoon

While performing a security pat-down on another vendor’s employee, Nisan Shamoon found a pocketknife. The employee was trying to enter an aircraft when the pocketknife was found. According to ORD General Manager Anna Graca, “Maureen was very happy from British Airways”. We are certainly proud of Nisan and his efforts. Great job, Nisan!

Employee Spotlight: Russell DuPont

Russell DuPont, wheelchair agent at Boston, is February’s Flight Services & Systems’ Employee Spotlight. During January, we received so many compliments about Russell’s efforts, generosity, and friendly demeanor. One of the people who Russell helped had this to say about him:

"Russell met me at the airplane and was extremely courteous and helpful. My leg was extremely painful, and he cheered me up and made my night happier. He helped me get my luggage and then got me to the taxi that was waiting for me and was extremely, extremely helpful to the whole process…” – Pasquale Frisoli

This isn’t Russell’s first time being recognized. He was featured in February’s 2019 Flight Plan, which you can read by clicking here. Thank you for your amazing effort, Russell, and keep up the great work!

Welcome Aboard, Ryan Horvath - FSS's New Communications Manager

Ryan Horvath - Communications Manager
Flight Services and Systems in Cleveland, Ohio would like to welcome Ryan Horvath to the team as its new Communications Manager.

Mr. Horvath comes to FSS from the kitchen cabinet industry where he worked as a graphic designer and marketing specialist.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in digital media design with a minor in marketing from Baldwin Wallace University. He was also a member of the Digital Marketing Clinic at Baldwin Wallace University.

He gives back to his community by participating in the annual Monster Mutt Dash that benefits a local animal shelter as well as regular donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Mr. Horvath’s experience in building successful social media marketing campaigns, as well as his eye for design and page layout, will assist the company with various marketing initiatives.

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