FSS Employee Spotlight: Christina Salazar

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) and General Manager Zach Jackson would like to recognize Christina Salazar. Christina is the Customer Service Lead at our San Antonio International Airport (SAT) location. She is trained and manages both Frontier Airlines and Sun Country Airlines. She does an excellent job in not only leading, but Christina also teaches and trains her staff each flight every day.

The reason Christina is being recognized is for her actions on August 17th. While serving as GSC for the Sun Country operations, Christina denied boarding to a passenger that likely, if boarded, could have resulted in a safety issue inflight. The Sun Country Regional, along with General Manager Zach Jackson, praised Christina for her actions. Well done, Christina!

Christina is pictured alongside General Manager Zach Jackson.

FSS Employee Recognized by MASSPORT at BOS

Vice President of Operations and Boston Logan International Airport General Manager George Nikolouzos would like to spotlight Ramp Agent Joshua Burrell Thomas. Joshua is a Ramp Agent for Silver Airways.

Recently, George received a compliment from Massachusetts Port Authority, or MASSPORT, about Joshua. According to the compliment, MASSPORT has witnessed Joshua conduct his FOD walks before, during, and after each flight. He’s extremely cautious while driving the GSE equipment on the ramp and always wears his seatbelt. MASSPORT says that Joshua is always smiling and asking questions about anything pertaining to ramp operations to MASSPORT.

Joshua has also been witnessed sweeping the bag room for any bags that are for the FSS operations. He actually takes the time to read each bag tag that is in the drop off location from other carriers.

From everyone at Corporate, Boston Logan, and MASSPORT, thank you, Joshua!

Watchful Eyes at PWM

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) would like to recognize Kyle Lineham. On Sunday, August 2nd, Kyle was performing an inspection of a flight when he found damage on the aircraft. He followed the proper notification procedures and let his supervisor know about the damage.

While our employees are always keeping a watchful eye out, stories like Kyle’s only help reinforce our message of vigilance and following procedure. Employees like Kyle make the difference for FSS. Kyle was awarded a WOW! Award for his efforts. Thank you, Kyle!


Kyle was also recognized earlier this week for his actions during a TSA test. For the full story, please click here.

FSS Employee Passes TSA Test at PWM

Kyle Lineham - PWM Ramp Supervisor
Flight Services & Systems has awarded a WOW! Award to Portland International Jetport Ramp Supervisor Kyle Lineham. Our crew was in the process of having their yearly Southwest Airlines Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security test of the ramp. During the test, Kyle intercepted the TSA agent and challenged them. In doing so, Kyle passed the test.

A WOW! Award is awarded to an individual who follows all procedures and goes above and beyond the call of duty. On behalf of General Manager Kristean Jacobs, congratulations to Kyle!

FSS Employee Receives Praise from Southwest Airlines at PWM

PWM Customer Service Representative Netta Brown
Flight Services & Systems would like to recognize Netta Brown. Netta is a customer service representative for Southwest Airlines at Portland International Jetport.

During a recent flight, a passenger’s luggage went missing. Netta gathered the passenger’s information and tried to locate the missing luggage. During this time, the passenger’s husband had left their car unoccupied in the cell phone lot. Typically, an unattended vehicle in the cell phone lot would be towed. To help ease the passenger’s concerns, Netta called to ensure that the car wouldn’t be towed. The passenger and her family were so appreciative of Netta’s efforts that they emailed Southwest to sing her praise.

Fantastic job, Netta!