September's Supervisor Spotlight

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) strongly believes that our supervisors make the difference every day, especially when it comes to aviation security and safety. Below are the supervisors who have made the difference:

Jennifer Gillentine: CHS Silver Airways Supervisor

FSS is proud to announce Jennifer Gillentine as our Silver Airways Supervisor at Charleston International Airport (CHS). Part of her duties will be overseeing the training of our Silver Airways crew as well as instruction on aviation security and safety measures. She will also act as our point of contact for Silver Airways while setting an example for the rest of the staff. Congratulations, Jennifer!

A Trio of Amazing Supervisors at PWM

Security and safety are at the top of our Customer Service Agents’ minds at Portland International Jetport (PWM) in part our amazing supervisor, From left to right, Taylor Pedra, Keishla Quiles, and Kaitlin Clark ensure that each agent is fully trained on the latest security and safety information. They also meet daily with their teams to discuss points of interest. The trio manages our Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Elite Airways operations. Fantastic job, ladies!

Aviation security and safety are part of the pillars of the FSS difference. We are proud of our supervisors who set the example, share knowledge, and help strengthen our teams. The FSS Supervisors across our company clearly make the difference every day.

August's WOW! Award Winners

 A Flight Services & Systems (FSS) employee receives a WOW! Award for their outstanding achievement in customer services, honesty, integrity, and goodwill. General and Operations Manager nominate employees based on the actions they witness or are notified of by TSA and other airport and airline management. Depending on their actions, recipients receive a certificate, recognition on social media, a spotlight in our bi-monthly Flight Plan newsletter, and/or a $25 Walmart gift card. Below are the WOW! Award winners for August!

Way to be, Hugh and RoyAnn!

Hugh Dennis and RoyAnn Clark at our Indianapolis International Airport (IND) station received WOW! Awards in August. We received an email about Hugh, our Operations Manager, from Million Air Aviation. In the email, Hugh was praised for his hard work as well as finding solutions to “surprises”. In the aviation industry, sometimes this pop-up at a moment’s notice. Hugh’s ability to anticipate and adjust to these changes is greatly appreciated. Below is part of the compliment we received. Awesome job, Hugh!

“Million Air Aviation…wanted to give praise to Hugh for all the hard work he has been doing,…that when he (James Manning from Million Air Aviation) calls Hugh always makes it work, and that he wanted our leadership to know how much he appreciates it.”

RoyAnn Clark is one of our Ticket Counter Agents at IND but recently helped out at our Charleston International Airport (CHS). While helping out with the Alaska Airlines operations, RoyAnn brought along with her the positive attitude and outstanding customer services she’s known for. On behalf of General Manager Sherrie Erwin and the rest of the CHS staff, thank you, RoyAnn!

Shining Bright at PBI

During a recent delay at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), Operations Manager Madeline Lima and Mobility Assistance Agent Ralph Pierre went above and beyond for a group of passengers. They were also able to keep their cool in dealing with some disgruntled passengers. Below are snippets from the email we received about Madeline and Ralph:

“Upon entering Ralph Pierre was our transport for the wheelchairs and he was over the top awesome. He was able to push both chairs at the same time…Our flight was delayed and he came back to check on us the whole time.  Upon the flight being delayed to the next day, he was able to push both wheelchairs back-to-back to claim and retrieve all three of our suitcases from the back, to make our pickup with our handicap arrangements seamless…He got us through security perfectly, got us to the gate effortlessly, and said that he would check back in on us like he did the day before…And even though Ralph was told he could go home at around 6:00 p.m., he didn't and stayed with us to make sure that we would be able to get back to baggage claim and to our rides home for the evening. He again was able to obtain our bags from the back, to help us get outside to get our rides…His concern and care for the well-being of my mom, was absolutely heartwarming and sincere.  He kept us abreast of the upcoming changes with our flight, which when traveling with an 86-year-old handicapped mother was priceless. Keeping her calm was a wonderful bonus to this difficult travel time.”

“She (Madeline) proved to be a very level-headed, customer service driven asset to us all.  She was able to handle and communicate the ever-changing flight delays with a smile and grace to, unfortunately, some unsavory flying passengers. On Saturday, with the first flight delays people were upset of course, but she was able to stay smiling and relay the information to us as it came in. On Sunday, when we were delayed once again, she handled a large crowd of passengers who were able to receive some food for free from Frontier…She consistently kept her cool and facilitated the Chili's order for us all.”

Fantastic job, Madeline and Ralph!

Madeline Lima Named Manager of Silver Airways Operations

Madeline Lima
PBI Operations Manager &
Manager of Silver Airways Operations
Flight Services & Systems (FSS) is proud to announce that Madeline Lima has been promoted to Manager of Silver Airways Operations. She will continue in her role as Operations Manager at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) under General Manager Tracy Doyle.

Madeline will oversee and lead our Silver Airways teams at:

  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)
  • Charleston International Airport (CHS)
  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)
  • Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)
  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY)
  • Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport (SAV)

In her new role, Madeline will coach our Operations Managers as well as provide insights on managerial and operational procedures and protocols. Madeline’s leadership has been featured in Flight Plan a few times this year. You can read those features by clicking here and here.

Welcome Aboard, Steven Morrissey!

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) is thrilled to welcome Steven Morrissey aboard! He is our new Ramp Operations Manager at Portland International Jetport (PWM).

Steven comes to FSS with over five years of aviation industry experience, including three years as a quality control inspector. In his most recent position, he was the Charter Operations Assistant Manager for Port City Air. While there, Steven maintained charter operations scheduling for the arrival of inbound and outbound aircraft. He also coordinated above the wing staff and security escorts for military aircraft and conducted daily security briefs with airport authorities.

He served in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged with a rank of E-4. As a Mechanized and Light Infantry Team Leader, he managed 13+ soldiers and ensured mission readiness, and weapon and communication equipment functionality. Steven received multiple medals and badges including the Purple Heart.

Welcome aboard, Steven!

FSS Milestone Anniversaries - August 2021

FSS would like to recognize and say "thank you" to our employees who have been with us throughout the years. Celebrating milestone anniversaries in August are: 

15+ Years

  • Peter Chandler - BOS - 18 years
  • Mohammed Hilali - BOS - 18 years
  • Sonia Villatoro - BOS - 18 years
  • Maimiliano Zomora Sr. - DFW - 16 years

10+ Years

  • Jehan Almonir - DFW - 14 years

5+ Years

  • Adbelilah Salhoumi - BOS - 9 years
  • Nathan Som - FAT - 9 years
  • Terence Flood - BOS - 7 years
  • Lallanazha Kamil - BOS - 7 years
  • Guilerne Roland - BOS - 7 years
  • Jordan Strause - PWM - 7 years
  • Danyeill Pringle - DFW - 6 years
  • Cody Cofferen - PWM - 6 years
  • Imelda Cardona - FAT - 5 years
  • George Garcia - FAT - 5 years
  • Maria Lopez - FAT - 5 years

August's Supervisor Spotlight

Flight Services & Systems (FSS) strongly believes that our supervisors make the difference every day, especially when it comes to aviation security and safety. Below are supervisors who have made the difference:

Ticket Counter Supervisor Jacqueline Maldonado

Jacqueline Maldonado is our Ticket Counter Supervisor at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). Overseeing our VivaAerob├║s operations, she makes sure that her team is knowledgeable about the latest security information and the proper safety procedures. Jacqueline communicates with VivaAerob├║s team daily and ensures the smooth operation at ORD.

Departure Coordinator Kayla Oliphant

As a Departure Coordinator for our Alaska Airlines operation, Kayla Oliphant works closely with our Indianapolis International Airport (IND) ticket counter and ramp teams and regularly briefs them on security and safety measures. She also leads by example. Kayla has been recognized by Alaska Airlines with a SOAR Award and multiple WOW! Awards through FSS.

Aviation security and safety are part of the pillars of the FSS difference. We are proud of our supervisors who set the example, share knowledge, and help strengthen our teams. The FSS Supervisors across our company clearly make the difference every day.