Boston (BOS) Flight Services & System Employees to be Honored at Massport Awards

Flight Services & Systems Wheelchair Agent, Spartak Male (pictured) has been selected as a recipient for the Boston Logan International Airport Logan Stars Award. The Massachusetts Port Authority established this program to recognize individual employees of our tenants and aviation business partners who have made a noteworthy contribution to the Logan Airport community as a whole. Male was nominated by Tom Clarkson of Flight Services & Systems for his outstanding efforts.
“As Director of Aviation for Massport, I want to personally thank you for your exceptional service which led to your selection, and for the work you do each day to make this airport the success it is today,” said Edward C. Freni – Director of Aviation at Massport. “Your dedication and exemplary efforts set a great example to all of the Logan Airport community. Congratulations again and thank you.”
Also being honored by Massport from Flight Services & Systems are Aircraft guard, York Attivor and Security Officers Mulubirhan Meles and Sahle Namaga for their work with Emerites airline.