FSS Employee Recognized by MASSPORT at BOS

Vice President of Operations and Boston Logan International Airport General Manager George Nikolouzos would like to spotlight Ramp Agent Joshua Burrell Thomas. Joshua is a Ramp Agent for Silver Airways.

Recently, George received a compliment from Massachusetts Port Authority, or MASSPORT, about Joshua. According to the compliment, MASSPORT has witnessed Joshua conduct his FOD walks before, during, and after each flight. He’s extremely cautious while driving the GSE equipment on the ramp and always wears his seatbelt. MASSPORT says that Joshua is always smiling and asking questions about anything pertaining to ramp operations to MASSPORT.

Joshua has also been witnessed sweeping the bag room for any bags that are for the FSS operations. He actually takes the time to read each bag tag that is in the drop off location from other carriers.

From everyone at Corporate, Boston Logan, and MASSPORT, thank you, Joshua!