FSS Seattle-Tacoma Team Receives Praise from Sun Country Airlines

We love hearing about how our teams are doing out in the field. We received work from Holly at Sun Country Airlines about how our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport team. Led by General Manager Brandi Ellison, our employees have been doing a fantastic job. Below is a snippet from the email that we received.

Just a note of thanks. It is uncommon that we experience the volume for assistance as we did today for flight SY285/286 and you guys rocked! All the passengers were pleased with the service and we couldn't have done it without your team at FSS.  One passenger in particular raved about her experience to the gate. She said of all the wheelchair agents she has ever had- Zac was the kindest agent she had ever dealt with. I had to agree with her. He always goes out of his way to accommodate any passenger, treating them like family and that means a lot to us as well as the passengers. THANK YOU Again!  

Fantastic job, Brandi, to you and your team!