FSS Employee Spotlight - Carla Gamble

Carla Gamble
Field Trainer

Flight Services & Systems would like to highlight Field Trainer Carla Gamble. Carla has been working in our Charleston station since March. Since arriving, Carla has transformed an underperforming station into an outstanding one. She has been training our new employees while making sure our current employees are up to date on their training. She has also been keeping them informed of any changes, such as work schedules, due to the coronavirus. Carla has drastically improved the functionality of the Charleston station through regular communication with her teammates including safety meetings and daily briefings.

During these trying times, her leadership and poise have been a welcoming change at the station. Many employees have commented on how Carla has made the team feel more like a family. We can’t thank Carla enough for her hard work and dedication, and we can’t wait to have her back in our corporate office.