BOS Team Passes TSA's Tests

BOS General Manager & Northeast Regional
Director of Operations George Nikolouzos
As flights start to ramp up with the warmer weather, so do the efforts by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Within the last few weeks, the TSA has been inspecting and testing various airlines for security threats. Our FSS team at Logan International Airport has done an amazing job thwarting the TSA’s attempts. Last week, our aircraft guards passed their TSA inspections for Qatar Airways. In one case, the TSA placed a fake gun inside a catering truck. One of our guards found it. In the second case, the TSA broke the seals on a catering truck. Again, one of our guards found the broken seal and reported it.

Over the weekend at Boston, another FSS employee, Angie, stopped TSA agents from boarding a Viva Air flight. The agents tried getting in line with the passengers and sneak on. Angie stopped them from getting onto the jet bridge while scanning passengers’ boarding passes.

Flight Services & Systems would like to thank the Boston team for their continuing efforts and being mindful of their surroundings.